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The purpose with  is to promote tourism and business in Qingdao, but also to show to the world a first class city that will be the host of the Olympic Sailing Regatta in 2008. This website is also directly linked to and from, our website that promotes the Olympic Games and Beijing.

Developer of is an experienced team of marketers and web developers from Scandnet AB. The company is also one of the sponsors of City of and is placed in the city of Malmö (3rd largest city in Sweden) that hosted America´s Cup´s Acts 6 & 7 in 2005 and arranges the yearly sailing event Swedish Match Race.

Scandnet AB is since 1976 a marketing company and is specialized in business development and city profiling. Since 1996 we have been marketing cities like Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, (, Malmo, Sweden ( on the Internet. Other Chinese city web sites are Beijing ( Hangzhou ( and Wuhan ( Also Warszawa, capital of Poland (, Vilnius, capital of Lithuania ( and many other cities and capitals. Scandnet also, together with regional authorities, developes regional province platforms like  

From right: The Mayor of Qingdao Xi Geng, Former chairman of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Soren Gyll, Project Manager Yan Sun and the CEO of Scandnet Sweden Leif Almo at a dinner at the Shangri-la Hotel in Qingdao 2004.

The CEO of Scandnet Leif  Almo, an experienced business man that has been working in all the five continents world wide and has been visiting China 12 times, first time in 1993, and the city of Qingdao in 2004. 
Leif Almo also has a PhD (Hon.), is Knight of St George Order and is in the Board of Directors of World Leisure Organization (WLO) that is a NGO in consultative status with United Nations. He is also in a Rotarian since 1986.

If you need any help to develop your city or region do not hesitate to contact CEO Leif Almo at