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From Design to...

In order to build a boat that is both fast and reliable, designers try to anticipate its performance and reaction to conditions through a comprehensive testing process that validates the efficiency of its design.
CHN 69, the boat which raced in the last America’s Cup in Auckland, underwent two years of study, calculations and testing before it raced in the Louis Vuitton Cup 2002. It began with hull testing. The designers used specially-developed software to simulate the performance of the boat using mathematical equations. They developed on-screen simulations of how it would perform in the water and in various winds conditions, as well as geometric testing.
The hull they selected cost €1m, and needed six months works to get it ready for action. Made entirely of carbon, the hull of CHN 69 is as strong as steel but seven times lighter, and can take up to 450 tonnes of stress. The selection of the hull determined the configuration of the rest of the boat.