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CHINA TEAM in 32nd America's Cup

CHINA TEAM was a team that not only promoted the sport of sailing but furthermore strengthened the city of Qingdao as a “City of Sailing”. With an experienced international crew combined with young Chinese talented sportsmen, CHINA TEAM was an ambassador both for China and the city of Qingdao. China Team’s boat CHN 95, known as Longtze, was one of the most radical boats to be launched in 2007, and it showed bursts of speed.
Wherever CHINA TEAM was going, they were met by enthusiastic spectators and the media coverage was spectacular as it was first time ever a boat in America´s Cup has been competing under Chinese flag. CHINA TEAM met some of the best sailing teams in the world during 32nd America´s Cup, the Cup was won by The Swiss Defender.
CHINA TEAM is also a marketer for the Olympic sailing regatta in 2008, showing that China already today compete on the world scene in one of the most spectacular international sport events.

The spectacular CHINA TEAM at the opening of America´s Cup Act 6&7
in Malmö, Sweden, August 25, 2005